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Raptor Shirt from Ghost World!!! - arms akimbo
and other pretty postures

Date: 2009-02-04 11:19
Subject: Raptor Shirt from Ghost World!!!
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Tags:dan clowes, enid, film, ghost world, indie, indigofeet, raptor, shirt, t-shirt, thora birch


So a while back, I received a special request to make a replica of the Raptor T-shirt that Enid (Thora Birch's character) wears in the movie Ghost World. I had made some cool shirts before, but none with this many colors and this much detail. I knew it would be quite a challenge. I kind of like challenges though, so I teamed up with my fiance dustinweaver and we painstakingly recreated the image from still frames of the film. It basically had to be drawn from scratch by hand. Even the text had to be created in Photoshop using lines and curves-- I wanted the font to match exactly. And then everything had to be digitally colored, another process that took a great deal of tweaking.

After various adventures with heat transfers (I will spare you the details, but basically, I figured out how to get pretty good results and it was STILL a huge pain in the ass and STILL not as high-quality as screen printing), I decided to make a batch of screen-printed shirts, which would last longer and look more professional than the transfers. The pictures you see here are of the screen-printed shirts. I'm really proud of how good they look!

They're on super-soft American Apparel women's shirts, sizes S-XL.

You can find them for sale at www.indigofeet.com... while supplies last.

Model: Ariana Berry

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